The First Twilight after Breakup - Manushya Puthiran

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This evening too
I am faced with
A man sobbing for a lost love

Last evening
I read out
My breakup poems
To a woman who was breaking down

I must be with them
at the first twilight after separation
Those facing the first nightfall after a split-up
Must not be left alone

I try to calm them
With a thousand sentences
I attempt to wash away
Their despair with a thousand logical arguments

Separations are not
But a mere pause,
I convince them.

The empty glasses
Are always replenished by life,
I embolden them.
The next one to come into your life
may hold you dearer,
I tempt them.

They wipe their tears
They hold my hands
They promise not to
Kill themselves

About to leave
They ask pleadingly
“Shouldn’t I wait a bit longer?
She may even return, right?”

It is then that
I break into sobs

Translated by R. Abilash