It Poured 45 cm in a One Night - Manushya Puthiran

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It could have been
The total rainfall for a year
It might have been
The complete pouring of
A season
It may have been
The greatest downpour
Of the decade
It poured 45 cm in one night

It began with a single rain drop
which splashed on my hands
Such a tiny droplet
It would be wiped off covertly

It was so lonely
Like a tear drop
Or a bead of blood from the first menstrual period

The very first moment
I showed it to you
It began to develop
Into a small ice orb
Then into a large glacier
And then a continent of ice

The moment I kissed you
The ice began to melt

Do we need so many days
Do we need endless seasons?
To flood the water bodies of this world
We hardly need a full rainy season

The night I slept with you
For the first time
You came to me holding rain
45 cm of rainfall would have been recorded
on a night
such as that
The rain of that night
showed us how far
 a rain could go forth

Didn’t the floods of our romance
Begin that way?
Ages of suffering we could
Swim past