The Flowers of Your Secrets - Manushya Puthiran

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Close of day
From the spot
Where it is your way home
You start spilling flowers
From your hair

You watch around
Shy and anxious
Is anybody on the wayside
Looking over?
How about these
Flowers unwithered?
How about these flowers
Unsanctioned into the house?
Where to abandon them?
You are undecided

Garbage heaped
on roadsides
No shady corner
To throw off
the flowers
unwelcome at home

Resting on your palms
They transform into
 eyes of the unknown
and keep scanning your face

Unfastening the clutch bag
You put the flowers in
And secure it

In a room of your secrets
As you munch on
Each petal of the undisclosed,
The air is filled suffocatingly
With the odor of despair
Refusing to go away

Translated by R. Abilash