The Other - Manushya Puthiran

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The co-passenger
wears the same shirt
as mine
and sits next to me
I get down at a stop
before my intended destination

In the hotel
My neighbour orders
The same food items
I have ordered
I am disgusted at
Something in the food

When I visited the shrink
he was staggered to say
that the patient prior to me
had reported seeing
the same strange dreams as mine
Prescribe me the same pills”
I muttered bitterly
And left

I raise my knife
To kill someone
He begins narrating
 a story gleefully
“Like this, someone
Came to kill me last week”
I am unsure where to thrust
The knife now

When you
Use the same words
You used to love me
 To be all over someone else,
I slam my head and wail

“Why I am
a reflection of
The other one?”

Translated by R. Abilash