The Demon with Ten Heads - Manushya Puthiran

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She voiced dejectedly
“How could one live
With a ten-headed demon?”

My one head
is bowed
in a prayer hall

Another head
is resting on
the alar of sacrifice

The third head
dashes against and sways between
two breasts  

The fourth head,
suffocated beyond limits,
bursts above the water surface of suffering

Voices have begun to speak
inside the fifth head

The sixth head
is nodding vaguely
to someone’s lies

The seventh one
longs desperately for
a hand to fondle it

The eight one
is dying to find a place
to relieve of the burden
weighing it down for a long time

The ninth one is always
fiercely charting
new war stratagems

The tenth head
is tired and sore
at its attempts of self-tormenting

“One could tolerate
The ten confusions of
A single-headed man
But how can I share
The ten minds of a ten-headed man”,
She whimpered tensely.

Translated by R. Abilash